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 Glory & Chubs Pups arrived September 16th! 5 females and 2 males.  These pups have all gone to their new homes!

2 Males 


Blue ribbon male "Brady" Sold


Green ribbon male "Ottis" Sold

He is doing great :) very smart! He starts puppy classes this month and we will be doing agility with him as well.

5 females 


Pink ribbon female "Pancake" Sold

Pancake 3 months first Christmas!

We love her so much. She is so sweet.


Purple ribbon female "Eevee" Sold

Hi Cathy,

I hope you're doing well! I wanted to send a quick update that Eevee is doing really well. She's pretty much fully potty trained at this point and has completed her first level of puppy training. Sean's father recently passed away unexpectedly and she was so amazing with helping us feel better and giving us some much needed humor and love during a difficult time. Attached are a few recent pictures of her!
Thank you!


Yellow ribbon female "Maddie" Sold


Red ribbon female Sold


Orange ribbon female (eye injury) "Maya" Sold

Hi Cathy,

 Hope all is well! We just wanted to update you on our perfect angel. Maya has grown quite a bit and has an incredible personality. She’s really good with people and other dogs (after being shy for a while) We had her eye looked at by the optometrist at Angell Memorial in Boston and she is blind in it but there are not any implications of additional issues. Anyways, we wanted to share a couple pictures of her as of recent and a short clip of the Boston Corgi meet ups that we go to. (if you have Instagram we made her an account maya_the.corgi)

 Warmest regards,

 Jordan, Theresa and Maya


Triple Tac's Glory Be


CBerry's It's A Rumor aka Chubs



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