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Rooney (Mini/Tripper)

 Hi Cathy
I hope you remember Rooney she is from Mini and Tripper November of 2009. She is Little Britches sister.
I always check the website to see all her puppies and I was looking and reading the previous litter page and thought I would send you a picture of Rooney.
We love her to pieces. She is very is such a great girl. She protective of us and is good at letting us know if someone is coming down "her" street. She enjoys being with us especially going do hikes in the woods.   She loves to chase the squirrels out of the yard. In fact last summer we had tons of pears on our tree and none that were half eaten by the squirrels.
Anyway here she is at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go for her walk.
Hope you are well.
The DaSilva's

"Teddy" (Britches & Jack 2013)

 Hi Cathy!
I was just perusing your website- looking at the photos of Teddy's brothers and sisters and was amazed that his brothers have light faces- and he seems to look more like his Dad and his sisters! They are all so beautiful! I may be biased but I think Teddy is the sweetest and most well behaved corgi anyone has ever seen! Your dogs have such wonderful temperament. He really is the perfect dog for me, can't thank you enough!

Heather Richards

Boots & Griffin pups 2018

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Mini & Chance pups 5 weeks old w/Little Britches
Reba & Tripp (Mini & Tripper, right)


Hi Cathy:

 How are you?  Thought I’d send you some pictures of these knuckleheads.  Tripp is such a great dog!!  What a great personality. The last pic was taken this weekend by the petsitter at her house.



HI Cathy:

 Hope you are doing well.

 Just thought I would send you some updated picture.

 Love these dogs!

 Happy Holidays

 James Chew

Sally (Mini & Chance)

Here's Sally's Happy New Year photo! I just got laid off again so Sally is happy to have me home with her. Someday I'll bring Sally up for a visit if the weather ever warms up.
Hope all is well with you and Little Britches!
take care,
Marcia and Doug

Thanks Cathy.
We love Sally to pieces and are looking forward to what we hope will be a long and wonderful time with Sally as our only dog.
We agree that she's a beauty and she has such a strong and sweet personality. She loves to play fetch and soccer with us. She's so smart and does many tricks - she can even give kisses and hugs now when asked. So cute.
At weekly playgroup, she gets to run with big and small dogs. She's getting along and playing more. Boy is she fast! We will forever be grateful to you for delivering her to us.

Snickers (Britches & Chance)
"Lucy" (Mini & Shorty)
"Hazel",left (Mini & Mickey)

Hi! My name is Emma Cleary, and my dad bought a puppy from you a few years back...well I guess it was a while--2006! I was avoiding studying for my finals and I was googling cute pictures of corgis, which inspired me to try and show my friend my dog's parents! I came across your site and just wanted to say hello and thank you! Hazel is a wonderful dog and I couldn't be happier with her. I did some backyard agility with her in high school (which she still loves--I can't even finish stretching the tunnel out before she's running back and forth through it) but now that I'm in college, she's become my parents' child so they can pretend they aren't empty nesting She goes on hikes with them and shocks everyone at the top because she made it up a loooooong hike on those short legs of hers. When I'm home, I take her to the barn with me, and she adores it. She's smart about the horses mostly, but she tends to ignore them and sits looking lovingly at whoever is petting her. She's kind of goofy too--if she gets bored at the barn, she decides to leave and hops in the car of whoever isn't paying attention and leaves the door open for more than fifteen seconds. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and give you a puppy update; I saw that you're still breeding Corgis and I'm glad! You produce a quality pup


"Hazel" (Mini & Mickey)

Britches & Cowboy female "Polly"


Hi Cathy,

With Polly's first birthday coming up I just wanted to give you an update.  She is doing very well, just finished her second level of training. She can do lots of neat tricks now, as long as there are good treats waiting for her! She is a healthy 22lbs now. She loves going for walks and to doggie daycare where she gets to play all day with the other dogs. Thanks so much for everything! 

Happy holidays! 

Sarah, Chris, and Polly

 Hi Cathy,

Polly is doing just great! We are still going to her social hour once a week and she loves playing with all the other puppies. The trainer there said she cant believe Polly was a singleton the way she behaves with other dogs and people. We start a more formal training puppy kindergarten class this weekend to work on sit, stay, down, and leash walking. It follows the AKC STAR puppy guidelines. She loves being outside now too that the weather is getting nicer. 

Hope all is well with you!


"Gracie" (Mini & Mickey)

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to send you a picture of Gracie. She is now 51/2 years old and is the love of our life. She
was just groomed today. She is doing very well. We are still fighting the weight problem with her but hopefully we will win sometimes. I am so glad we were able to get her from you. She has brought so much joy into our lives as well as all of our friends. She has two names. One is Gracie and one is Hoover which my husband gave her and she answers to both. Her health is good and as you can see she is beautiful.

Have nice holidays

Marion Hatch

"Arlo" (Mini & Tripper)

Hi Cathy,

Just thought I would check in to let you know that Arlo is doing great. He is such a great little dog, and has worked out perfectly for us. He does still have some "puppy" behaviors, like chewing on shoes and paper (and anything else he can get his mouth on!!). I'll send you some updated photos at some point, he is so cute!

Anyway I noticed on the website that you are planning in breeding Britches this fall. We are not certain yet if we want another one but have recently begun discussing that Arlo may need a playmate. Do you have a waiting list yet?

Hope all is well.


"Nash" (Mini & Tripper)

This week is the Mayflower corgi specialty. Last year Nash got his first MXJ leg here and today he finished it. He also earned his 5th QQ toward his MACH. Two weeks ago he finished his MX in the rain. He's now Cooper's Bridges of San Francisco CD MX MXJ CGC TR2.


"Winnie" (Mini & Chance)

Hi Cathy! Hope you are doing well.
The family is doing really well, and Winnie is a big part of that. She has become a really important part of our family, and is very attached to us now. She likes to ride with me in the car on short errands (when it's not too hot), and she sleeps at the bottom of our bed. Winnie's training is going really well - she gets better behaved all the time. She is good at sitting, lying down, staying, and giving paws. We are working on stopping her barking when she thinks she hears people at the door (which happens tons more than people actuallying coming to the door!) Her behavior is always better after exercise, so we walk her a lot and play with her in the backyard. She has become a big frisbee dog - she loves to run after the frisbee and has gotten a lot better recently at catching it. Winnie and Nora are really sweet together, and enjoy playing in the house when Nora gets home from school.
Attached are some photos of Winnie, in the car, bringing the frisbee back, and sitting in our basement. She has lost most of her black fur and looks mostly red/white now.
How are you doing? How are Mini and Britches? Maybe one of these days we can come over and visit, or have a reunion with Winnie's sisters. Take care!
Martha Culver (and Ken, Nora and Winnie)

Ally (Mini & Shorty)

Hi Cathy,

Greg and I were just poking around your website and I thought I'd send along a picture of Ally. She is pretty OCD and loves hoarding her toys in her bed. Then when she wants to play she brings them out one at a time and will drop them at our feet. She loves the tennis balls. They get 'lost' and she pretends she doesn't know where they are. But she is smarter than us! Tell her to find tennis ball and she looks at us to find one. When we can't and give up lo and behold she is there dropping one at our feet. Hard to believe she will be 4 years old in November! We just can't imagine life without her. I have had several medical issues in the last year and she is so protective of me. Always worried about Mommy. Always there with a kiss or just lying at the side of the bed. I think we're thinking of adding another!

Hope all is well.

Joanne and Greg

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